2025 GAM Conference

Milledgeville, Georgia 
February 4-7, 2025


Deadline: August 9, 2024

“For the fiction writer himself the whole story is the meaning, because it is an experience, not an abstraction.”― Flannery O'Connor, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose

Join us in Milledgeville, Georgia, for the annual Georgia Association of Museums conference as we explore the profound wisdom of Milledgeville author Flannery O'Connor’s words. In a world where narratives intersect and perspectives diverge, this theme invites proposals that delve into the essence of storytelling within museums and cultural institutions. Our work in the museum field requires us to look at stories from as many angles and perspectives as possible so that we might do our best to tell the “whole story.”

Through thought-provoking discussions, interactive workshops, and engaging presentations, we will uncover the layers of meaning embedded within every artifact, exhibition, and historical account. Just as O’Connor masterfully crafted narratives that resonate with universal truths, museums hold the power to illuminate the whole story behind many objects, artworks, and cultural phenomena.

We will examine how museums can embrace inclusivity, diversity, and authenticity in their storytelling practices. By acknowledging multiple perspectives and amplifying marginalized voices, we can enrich our understanding of the past and present, fostering empathy and connection within our communities.

Whether you’re a seasoned or an emerging museum professional, a dedicated volunteer, or a museum studies student interested in learning more about the museum field, please join us as we uncover how commitment to telling “the whole story” is shaping the narrative landscape of museums and cultural institutions.

Potential session topics requested by past GAM attendees:

       Hands-on workshops and sessions

       DIY exhibitions, low-tech exhibition design

       How to promote and engage the public for small museums

       Strategic planning for museums

       Successful educational models for school and public audiences


       Creating and marketing successful programs for young adults

       Preparing for demographic shifts in the field (retirements and new hires)

       Board, director and staff relationships

       Designing and building interactive exhibits for children

       Tips and tricks for emergency training, CPR, etc.

       Museum gift shops

       Volunteer management, recruitment, accessibility (all ages)

       How to avoid duplication of efforts and initiatives within larger organizations

       Non-K-12 programming: 0-5 years, college students, adults, senior adults

       Working with living artists

       DEAI best practices

       Collaboration ideas for small museums engaging with community members

       Building partnerships with other museums and nonprofits

       Exhibiting and programming around civic engagement


       Negotiating salaries and benefits

       EMP-related content

Presentation formats include:

Panel (75 minutes): Focus on a theme or issues that will engage audiences. The most successful panels include a range of perspectives and case studies with practical strategies that have broad applications to many different kinds of museums.

Roundtable (75 minutes): Short presentation by the chair and/or co-chairs, followed by a moderated discussion about a particular topic.

Workshop (120 minutes): Hands-on activities and practical solutions to specific challenges or issues that will engage audiences. The most successful workshops also include handouts. 

Please submit your proposal online by Friday, August 9, 2024: https://forms.gle/FZEqJLnGfByE9i3E6

Questions? Looking for a Word version of the CFP? Contact Ashleigh Oatts, GAM Vice President and Program Committee Chair, at aoatts@trrcobbhouse.orgThank you for helping to create another amazing GAM conference!

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