GAM Annual Awards

Held during the annual conference, the GAM Annual Awards program recognizes outstanding achievements of people and organizations that make up the museum community across Georgia. GAM members are e
ligible to submit nominations to the GAM Awards Committee for consideration.

The deadline to submit an award nomination is Wednesday, December 13.

Award winners will be recognized during the Awards Luncheon on January 19 during the 2024 GAM Conference.


Student Project: Recognizes contributions of student work to the field of museums and galleries. An individual or  student group is eligible for this award. Projects show professional guidance of student effort,  but clearly demonstrate meaningful work by students in the design, implementation, and pro motion of the nominated project. Projects might include, but are not limited to, an education  or outreach program, a digital history project, an oral history project, or an exhibition.

Education: Recognizes an on-site or outreach program that has as its primary purpose the education of  student and/ or adult audiences. This program extends the organization's mission and demonstrates scholarship and originality contributing to the cultural and education fabric of the  organization's community and the state and is an example of excellence in theory, planning, and implementation. An educational component of a larger exhibition or special project can be  nominated for this award if the intention is to focus solely on the educational aspects of the  larger project. 

Multimedia: Recognizes projects that are intended to be primarily experienced using visual or audio media.  Examples include podcasts, interactive kiosks, social media campaigns, videos, and virtual  interactions (webinars, virtual field trips, etc.). Multimedia projects have extended the  organization's audience and demonstrate creative solutions without sacrificing good scholarship  and professional best practices. 

Museum Exhibition: Recognizes an art, historical, or science exhibition of note that demonstrates scholarship and  originality contributing to the cultural fabric of the state. The exhibition is an example of excellence in theory, planning, and implementation and has effectively reached and broadened the  museum or gallery audience. Exhibitions that include multimedia elements but are primarily  designed to be experienced as a traditional exhibit should be included in this category.
Category #1 - Exhibition under $1,000
Category #2 - Exhibition $1,000 - $25,000
Category #3 - Exhibition $25,001 to $100,000
Category #4 - Exhibition Over $100,000

Special Projects: Recognizes a project or program of note, often with multiple component parts, that does not  more closely fit the criteria for other categories such as exhibition, education, or multimedia.  This category can also be used for multi-part projects when all aspects of the project should be  evaluated as a whole. These projects demonstrate scholarship and originality contributing to the  cultural fabric of the state and provide examples of excellence in planning and implementation  while expanding the museum or gallery audience.
Category #1 - Exhibition under $1,000
Category #2 - Exhibition $1,000 - $25,000
Category #3 - Exhibition $25,001 to $100,000
Category #4 - Exhibitions over $100,000

Museum Volunteer: Recognizes an individual who does not receive payment or specific educational credit from an organization but has contributed significant time and effort in developing that organization's  programs and exhibitions in an outstanding way. This person has enlisted the aid of other volunteers in supporting Georgia museums and galleries and has served as an advocate of Georgia  museums and galleries. 

Patron: Recognizes an individual or group who has worked closely with a museum (or museums) demonstrating leadership and providing assistance. This person/group is a major promoter of the  museum(s) in his/her/their local area or statewide and in the past year has made a significant  contribution and will continue to be a supporter in the future. 

Museum Professional: Recognizes an active museum or gallery employee working in the state of Georgia. This individual is involved professionally on the local, state, and national level and has demonstrated leadership in the profession; has worked to promote the goals of GAM; and has been a member of  GAM for at least one year. 

Emerging Museum Professional: Recognizes an individual who has been working as museum staff for less than 10 years and in  the state of Georgia for the past 2 years. This individual will have demonstrated excellence  and leadership at their institution or within the museum community or profession as a whole  and has been a member of GAM for at least one year.

Institution: Recognizes GAM institutional members (nonprofit museums, historic sites, and galleries) for  leadership at the local and statewide level. This organization has been a leading institution in  Georgia with a past record of accomplishment and acts as an important cultural resource in its  community; has taken an active role in promoting communication and cooperation among  Georgia museums and galleries; and has provided an on-site or outreach program that extended  the museum's mission while educating student and adult audiences. 

Lifetime Achievement Award: An individual in any category who has consistently and selflessly worked over multiple decades to improve to improve the state of museums and galleries in their community during their  lifetime; this person's collective accomplishments exemplify commitment, dedication and  excellence; has had a far-reaching impact in their field. 

Business/Corporation: Recognizes local and statewide corporate supporters that have contributed significantly to the  development of museums and galleries. This company has provided funding or donations of  materials and goods, has taken a leadership role in promoting museums and galleries in Georgia,  and has encouraged other businesses to participate. 

Advocacy Award: Recognizes an individual or group that has successfully advocated at the state and/or federal  level representing Georgia's museum community to provide heightened interest and voice, in a  significant and meaningful way, while working to incorporate museum interests into state and  federal policy. 

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